An interview with Adrian Furman, president of the AF Group, was published on the website as part of the #KiszlukRozmawia series. The conversation concerned, inter alia, the operations of his company in the United States Poland IT-Lab LLC and the investment policy overseas. The editor-in-chief of the interview, Grzegorz Kiszluk, also asked about the current assessment of the business condition of Polish entrepreneurs and its change after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The BANKIER.TV portal (one of the largest Polish websites focused on business and finances) invited Adrian Furman, the CEO of Grupa AF, to take part in one episode of the “Program Antykryzysowy” (“Anti-crisis Program”) series. In the interview with Justyna Smolińska he talked, among others, about the business significance of remote work and the advantages of on-line communication during the pandemic.


You can watch the interview under this LINK.


How to run a business during the coronavirus crisis and how to deal with these times, difficult for the economy. I talked to Paweł Gniazdowski, a career management expert, about this in Tomasz Lasota’s program JEDEN NA JEDEN on TVP Łódź.

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Can the CSR activities of Polish business, following the example of American enterprises, create real value for the community of people with disabilities? How to promote the purchase of services from companies run and managed by such people? In the interview conducted by Monika Adamski, I also raised the issue of solutions and practices included in the ADA (the law prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life), which should be transferred to Poland.

Listen to "Nie oglądam się za siebie - rozmowa z Adrianem Furmanem, polskim Stephenem Hawking biznesu" on Spreaker.



In an interview with Marta Kosecka I was asked what is the recipe for success and whether the ‘Stephen Hawking of business’ nickname still motivates me. I also talked about my visit to the USA and the development plans of the Business Without Barriers Foundation, of which I am the founder and a Member of the Council.



“Stand out or die” is a reportage created as part of the “Depth of Focus” series. The premiere took place on June 30 2019 on TVP INFO. The extended version was broadcast on TVP ŁÓDŹ. The video material made available with the consent of the Polish Television. All rights reserved for TVP.